what is it?
"Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement
 and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers.
It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength,
 prosperity, and well-being of our country."
awesome. i like that.

strictly, this is a day to bum out & be lazy.

it’s one of my best friends birthday & i thought i was going to be celebrating with him, but he’s at work =/



anyway, i’ve been doing just about anything to occupy myself

yesterday, my family and i went out to czestochowa – it’s in doylestown, pa – only about an hour away

[we used to go when i was a kid – i swore it was going to be at least a three hour trip down there – i was wrong]

czestochowa is a national shrine, the original, is in Poland, however the one in the US is pretty breath taking aswell.

the church is beautiful, and the land around the church is plentiful – a beautiful cemetery is also nearby;

we decided on spending the day there because of the Polish-American Festival

crazy amounts of people showed up, we missed mass – but we took full advantage of the $10 entrance bracelet, kiddie rides galore ;p

had some cotton candy, caramel apple chips, and purchased some other goodies

i honestly had fun.

i like spending time away from reality.

festivals do that to me, take me away

i’m nervous for this school week because thats reality at its best, BAM.


last week, i told myself i was going to stop blogging, for a few reasons i’ll keep to myself

but anytime i told someone – they told me not to.

and alright, i guess i’ll keep at it.

however my entries recently have been very different from ones i used to post.

i’ve changed as a person, and according to one of my best friends, i frequently go through ‘phases’

which is true.

i like the idea of change, a lot. i like thinking that i’m becoming a better person, smarter, more understanding.

change is good.

yesterday, someone told me i’ve got a look of innocence to me, and i couldn’t ask for a greater compliment.

it made me smile


i read a quote today:

“the only thing that makes it a part of your life, is the fact that you keep thinking about it.”

i agree with it. but, what if you don’t want it to stop being a part of your life?


for right now, there isn’t anything i can do but wait

selena gomez : round and round


2 thoughts on “RECAPPP

  1. i used to follow your blog for a while now, though i’ve never left a comment below, that’s something i don’t do in general, don’t actually know why…but now i wanted to let you know that i really enjoy reading your blog and your posts and thoughts are so inspiring to me! if it is your will to stop blogging for whatever reason, then i don’t stop (well, i guess i couldn’t anyway :D) just wanted you to know that your blog seems very authentic to me and it’s a great inspiration :-)

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