something borrowed

“Lasting happiness requires our life to have MEANING. If you’re familiar with Maslow, you’ll know what I mean when I say that meaningful, lasting happiness is derived from the pursuit of self-actualisation. More than just a wanky, buzz-word – ‘self-actualisation’ refers to being the best we can be. This means that we need to experience personal growth, overcome challenges and feel an undercurrent of purpose in our lives.”

i really like this whole post. go ahead, read it.

What is happiness anyway? It hit me across the back of the head like an angry parent. There I was, minding my own business, wallowing about in a mopey state of woe at my dissatisfaction with my own life, when reality bit me fair on the butt. Hard. I regularly bang on (and on, and on) about the importance of independence, that is, not seeking a partner to complete ones-self, but rather, ones who complements us. I rant on about the importance of goals, incremental personal … Read More

via View from Wit's End


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