a comment that makes sense to me.

from ialeks :

“like you always say; just let it be. don’t think about it and let time decide on what will happen. sometimes no matter what you do, you just can’t change your destiny and although life might give you signs that will make you believe that you are supposed to do something a certain way, it’s often just testing us to see if we are strong enough because with each year the stakes are getting higher and our life gets more fragile.

sometimes it’s not the best time for a relationship.
sometimes you might feel like you’ve waited and waited and finally found someone that hits you in every dimension, but it’s just the wrong timing or circumstances. whatever it is there is a reason why you met them now and there is a reason why things are turning up the way they are.
often you just need to give it a break. perhaps “right now” is not the best timing, but maybe next month something will happen and everything will change.
people go to see thier doctor for their annual check up and sometimes within a week they find out they are seriously sick or they only have months left to live.
you get in your car in the morning, and you never know if you will make it home, if someone will hit you on a highway and you will end up in the hospital, and your visitors might be the people you least expect to show up.
you might feel like you’re on top of the world or at the very bottom, walk into your new class or perhaps even a grocery store and meet someone who will change your life, sometimes in a good, sometimes in a bad way.
every conversation, every person and every situation in our life has a meaning.
life is unexpected. it makes you look back at your past and view a trailer of it with the most unexpected and twisted events.

“just let it be; breath” right?
there’s nothing else you can do except live life step by step, making the best of what you have”


true story.

i’m letting it be.



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