i’m so excited for school!

it starts this monday :) woot <CORRECTION. SCHOOL STARTS WEDNESDAY :X

this year’s schedule:

human development – child : tuesday & friday – 8:30am to 9:45 NAB 109

psych stats : monday – 4:15pm to 5:15 NAB 110 & thursday 5:25pm to 8:00 NAB 110

3d design : tuesday 11:20am to 2:00 ART

drawing 1 : wednesday 5:25pm to 8:00 ART

cultural anthropology : tuesday & friday – 9:55am to 11:10 DREY 106

i’m so ready for it.


3 thoughts on “fall2010.

  1. cultural anthropology? ahhh, that’s dope. after a year i’m most likely going to study social anthropology (take 1 year for an overall intro of anthropology and then 2 for social).

    3d design also sounds awesome. i did some messing around with 3D this summer, but never really got into it too much (photoshop is more my thing i guess :D ).

    anyway, sounds awesome. have a good year ^^

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