a very big congratulations.

it’s 5:36am

why the hell am i up?

i’m sick, i think i have a fever


on a good note – our main man, deserves a fucking pat on the back

mister tomasz adamek, has once again – proven that he is the best, in a round 12 win against mister michael grant.

this guy grant is the biggest one he’s fought so far – yet i know my polish people out there would agree that they weren’t worried – we know adamek fights with his heart – he’s a winner.

i’m extremely disappointed that i could not attend this match, however i did receive the winning phonecall from my brother who acquired vip – adamek only started fighting at 11:30 – at 12:58 the win was long his – successful night

i’m proud of him – i know i’m not the only one

he’s got a huge fanbase – you shouldn’t be surprised as to why

if you want anything bad enough – you will get it

fight for it

a view of last nights stadium – packed with pride

[photo cred: kacper krajewski]

i’m sure i’ll be getting more shots from my brother

– i’m excited to hear about every punch.


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