i want to fly a starship.

wednesday, august fourth, 2010.

can you believe it?

time seriously flies

it’s 10 am, i’m still in bed, i kept waking up last night, had a bunch of crazy dreams, felt unpeaceful – i woke up in a mood, something is off

i think i’m going to pamper myself this morning, manicure – pedicure, just to boost me up a little, blaaaaaah


totally stole this link off my man’s fbook, i gave it a listen

the lyrics really got to me


if someone were to tell you that they knew when/how/where you’ll die – would you want to know?

i would.

is that crazy? i don’t think it’s crazy – idk

i’d be curious

i still can’t believe we’re in august, however – i’m crazy excited and absolutely ready for september

i need to go back to school. can’t wait


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