oh mai gawd

i’m sore, i’m tired, i’m getting sick

my body is feeling every bit of life right now

last night, after work – a few friends and myself got together & enjoyed a night filled with laughter, jokes, sarcasm, drinks – and – PARTINI!

omg. best. game. ever. EVER. EVVVVEEERR

go buy it.

it’s great.

we were up all night, we had a blast

this morning, i woke up – my head hurt insanely, however i slept it off till about 11 – then got up off my ass, and enjoyed some sushi with some family friends

i am currently in bed – it’s 4pm

i’m listening to washington,

[go listen to her album before it comes out – before the world hears about her in two or three months..]

i will be getting up to shower and get ready for work within a few minutes

i’m probably going to be working FOREVER AND A DAY tonight, i bet it’s going to feel like that anyway

oh – i sound like a man, i’ve got a cold, so thats cool.



hahaha ps

it doesn’t start with the letter A or C




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