i’ve been up since about 7:30 – it’s 9am now.

didn’t sleep well at all last night, kept buggin – wakin up for no reason. all of my muscles ache – i want to do nothing but spend my day off in water – hopefully, i will be reunited with a few of my friends today, haven’t seen them in a week or so.. should be a good time.

dudes, last night at work – was amazing, our restaurant was so packed it wasn’t funny, i made some nice cash money, sweat my ass off – hopefully lost a few lbs; and legit, by the end of the night could not feel my legs – or arms, or any other part of my body for that matter – i’m sore this morning, i feel the burn and i haven’t gotten out of bed yet – that should be hella interesting.

anywho, since i’ve been up – i’ve been on my computer – i’ve recently been reading a bunch of my entries from a few months back – and it’s insane how much has happened, its wild how vividly i remember writing just about every post – i think it’s damn cool.

i ran into an artist today, thanks to blaine molloy & his tumblr – – boys & girls, i introduce you to blublu

big bang – big boom


enjoy the sun out there today!


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