no matter how reassuring words can be, actions do however, speak louder.

it’s been an up and down week, i haven’t done much – but i’ve been left most nights, to feel damn tired – i’m sure it was the weather – it rained just about everyday last week!

today, hot and humid till about 10am – my afternoon’s forecast though, is splendid, we’ve got the sun shootin some rays – just about 0 humidity, and a breeze i could live in.

i’m hangin on my patio right now, we’ve got a few customers – my parents are away for the day with the baby bro – they’re at a surprise birthday party all day!


yo tell me how yesterday i look over at my left wrist, to show my girl the hamsa bracelet i got – and my hamsa was missing -_-

not cool.

but everything happens for a reason right?

alright, so i’m in a mood…

perhaps i’ll get some dessert.


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