only if.

“love is evil; spell it backwards i’ll show ya”

alright, with the fucking around on the side, the misconception of love has once again stomped me.

— for me at least.. but what the fuck do i know – i’ve never been in love, right?

i think it’s peculiarly awkward when you tell someone you love them at 9:46pm on a tuesday, and yet when you wake up at 11 am that next wednesday, you feel that the love is gone.

personally, i think that’s impossible

or is it?

i mean, one day my favorite color is pink, the next its blue

is that how love works?

well – keeping on track with the colors,

my favorite changes depending on my mood, so if one day i like yellow so so much, its because i want to like yellow

“love is evil when spelled backwards” – alright buddy, but why are you trying to spell love backwards?

thats an overall bad sign right there – to me, it seems that shit happens, how we want them to happen.

it all makes perfect sense in my head, so i hope this comes across at least semi-accurate to what my thoughts are

but love will be evil, if you want it to be.

pink will be your favorite color, every day – if you want it to be.

catch my drift?

people are so wrapped up in the fact that you’ve got to be with someone, that ‘ i can’t be single ‘ theme, that they settle.

and that sucks – cause in the long run, you’re fucking yourself over.

then again, i guess everyone also gets wrapped up in the smallest amount of attention directed towards you

it’s really whatever.

self control is a big part of life in my opinion.

you’ve got to go with your gut – but make sure you’re listening to what your head is telling you aswell

live life – with no regrets.

love for real.

don’t spell it backwards.


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