think about it.

alright, it happens to the best of us.

we question ourselves, right? all the time, right?

i know i do.

‘should i have done that’

‘was that alright’

i watched the secret last night. i should have been doing homework, but i gave in – after a long day of work, i loosened up and enjoyed the secret. i’ve read the book before, it’s been a few years – but the movie def put things in place for me.

i like thinking i’m a positive person.

i’m not a fan of negativity.

but i’ll admit, i’ve got my shitty days. [today is totally one of them.]

but i acknowledged it, took a damn deep breath – and did my best to let all that was bothering me – out.

i don’t want it, i’m letting it go – i’m letting it leave.

it helps.

for serious.

anywho, i wanted to write this post about our expectations.

expectations in general.

what do you want from this life?

what do you want from your sister?

what do you want from your boyfriend?

your best friend?

your teachers?


co – workers?


what is it that you want?

you’ve got to think about it.

we’re all self centered one way or another

we all like receiving things

and no, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ever give, but admit it – we like receiving.

i’m always questioning myself – and i think it’s kind of time to stop.

i’m always looking for a flaw

i say that i know what i want, and when i’m close to getting it – when it’s practically mine

i push it away

interestingly enough, the topic of love has been up and about around my family and friends.

what the hell is love?

what do we – as humans, expect from love?

do we create it?

is it real?

just how powerful is it?

well, i’m sure we’ve all got our different definitions.

i know i love my parents, i know i love my brothers, i know i love my friends

but i don’t think i’ve ever truly been in love with a significant other

maybe in order to feel love – you’ve got to be loved back?

a lot has been going on in my circle of friends,

i’ve got friends breaking up with each other, friends getting back together

personally, i think ‘love’ is misused.

the word is taken for granted.

we just throw it around

we get those butterflies in our stomach, can’t sleep for a few nights – and call it love.

i don’t think its about that.

personally, i think love is trust, respect, warmth

i think love is capable of crazy things – and i’m talking about good crazy.

i dont think anything negative is a part of love.

i’m rambling.


for some reason, i have refused to listen to eminems new shit.

today, my brother made me listen.

boy what a fool i have been for not jammin’ to this shit prior to today.

his lyrics are well written.

love, was a part of a bunch of tracks off of recovery

go listen to the album, do it.


anyway, i say, everyone should take everything one step at a time.

don’t ever rush into anything.

there’s no need for that.

if it’s meant to be, it will be.

but if there’s something in your life, causing you pain – or making you unhappy

breathe – and let it go


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