i’ve loved this week.

had a few fabulous nights with my friends.

i learned something, a few things actually, and i think that they’re really important.

1. anything can happen, overnight.

2. forgiveness – is a wonderful thing.

3. being optimistic works, always.

4. take advantage to be the best you can be – it will pay off.

recently i had rekindled a friendship – don’t know if thats the word but i’ll leave it

it feels like so much has been lifted off my shoulder. feels amazing.

ps. i am taking the steps necessary to make this summer the best ever.

tonight – i’m making myself a calendar.

mondays: occupational therapy at the children’s specialized hospital

tuesdays: 6-9:30pm psych elective – i call it, ‘gourmet psychology’ #win.

wednesdays: work at my restaurant; 4:30 – close.

thursdays: 6-9:30 psych elective

fridays: work at my restaurant; 4:00 – close

saturdays: work at my restaurant; open – close.

sundays: the stables all day for therapeutic horseback riding with kids

i don’t think i can express just how excited i am for this summer

– no sarcasm. seriously.

this schedule is currently effective till at least july.

in august, i won’t have any school, hopefully i’m still over at the hospital & riding with horsies

however i’m planning on spending two weeks in poland – that is, if i make enough money to purchase my ticket.


i’m excited.


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