news. – intentional.

alright. it’s been a good week since i began the photlog

a picture hinting at my thoughts or moves

whatever i’m in the mood for.

i did it for myself.

i was curious, you know a lot of those that read my blog – who know me, make it hard for actual conversation,

because due to the blog, they know a lot about my life – without me having to speak to them about it, and i’ll admit, i wasn’t actually enjoying that yo – but now, without being able to write shit out, my head is clogged up – time to release some ish.

so today, i’m in the starbucks section of barnes and noble in clark.

enjoyed a chilled caramel frappuccino, no whip – duh, and studied a tiny bit for my psych exam.. ew.

i’m really not in the studying mood.

ps. i feel like i’m on his blog everyday, this morning, i died, check josh madden‘s post.

or just watch it right here.

ahahhaha. anyways.

i think i’m going to go to the park.

i’ve had the urge to be there legit everyday.



2 thoughts on “news. – intentional.

  1. Things I love:
    -The video you posted today.
    -The comment that was on my “Philosophy” page this morning.
    -The fact that someone took time to read all my long, rambling, disconnected posts.

    Thanks for making me smile! :)

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