what’s next?

well there, i’m sitting in the mansion,

my head is about to explode with all that i’ve got going on in there,

it is 11:35am weds morning,

my court date, 9 am – may 13.

thanks guy. couldn’t have picked a better one.

i will officially be twenty for a day when attending court, and paying grand bills in order to not receive points.

this morning, my dumbass decided it was alright to be speeding, right next to a cop.

i wasn’t thinking, my head was all jumbled up.

so, i get a 74 in a 50; two hundred dollars please; oh and – don’t forget the four points, on my license, that i’ve had for a month.


oh but wait, that couldn’t be all, because my registration, is actually expired

i, of course, had literally no idea – none.

so kid, i get – not one, but two tickets, by one police officer, this damn morning.

— i mean, i was saving up for my canon, but – my money is now going to whatever denville uses it for.



oh, and this reminds me – i’ve got to appeal my parking violation i received from fdu.


4 thoughts on “what’s next?

  1. ahhhh… damn. :/
    sorry to hear that. gotta be more careful. :S
    although it’s a shame the officer couldn’t just give you a warning or smth (for the expired registration, at least). people make mistakes sometimes – they should understand that. :/

    • :( i know; it is what it is though

      i’m an idiot because i couldve acted dumb; done the whole girl thing and cried – but no, he asked my why he pulled me over, my response? ‘i was pushing 70’ what a fucking fail. i can’t believe myself =/

  2. yeah, true.. but the whole girl thing + crying is kind of lame (i mean, sure, if I were a girl I’d probably do it all the time just to stay out of trouble). on the one hand – it’s awesome that you said what you said – without putting up some acting or smth like that. shows that you know what you did in a confident sort of way (not that it was the right thing to do, but still…. i hope you get my point :D ). on the other hand…. – well, yeah, could of saved up for the new camera. i was actually looking forward to that a lot – seeing a lot of pictures & stuff like that.

    Well, hey, shit happens, right? It sucks that it happened to you, but like I said – people make mistakes.

    at least you didn’t say something like “I tried getting to 100 mp/h” when the cop asked you why he pulled you over, because my cousin once did say that (only km/h not mp/h, obviously) . didn’t end well for him at all. xD

    • <3 hahah i love this comment! i mean, i know i shouldn't have been speeding, so i've got to pay for my stupidity; the court date is the day after my birthday – so i'm hoping the money i've got now will cover the ticket, and perhaps i'll have some money from my bday to get the camera before the summer; that would be super nice, we'll see though =/

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