so, now that i realized i’m not my happy self. i think back to when i’m happiest.

with friends, with family, doing what i love

now now, after telling my mother i’m getting myself tatted up, she got really upset.

unfortunately, she’s in the category of people who don’t want their kids with any tattoos or wild piercings, therefore – i must get back in the zone, by relaxing, and doing what i really enjoy, drawing.

getting back in the swing of things.

today was a damn good day.

started off with a trip to michael’s, bought so many goodies!

then drove the brother and myself to school [his car is getting worked on!] then we got bagels, bonded,

in the afternoon, i hung out with the roomsicle, haven’t seen her in years, she doesn’t like me anymore, but i know we’ll always have a bond ;p

i then went to best buy, on the search for my precious.

and i found her, and i was right, and the t1i it shall be

i’ve still got to save up a little bit, this nugget is slightly pricier than i had planned, but in a few weeks, i’ll be capturing images with it, you’ll know when that will be.


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