one thing i’m allergic to.

i don’t think it’s right that not many people have speculated about the truth.

regarding the Polish people of course

i’m not asking to start a fight; it’s just been bothering me.

if God forbid, any U.S official were to pass away –

the first thought on everyone’s mind would be –

‘someone planned it – someone killed him/her’

– this whole accident thing is bizarre.

i don’t like it.

it’s making me feel uneasy.

i’ve noticed i’ve been iffy this past week.

somethings off.

must remain calm.

must hope the truth reveals itself.

must hope the russians had nothing to do with this one.

so hard to believe.


4 thoughts on “one thing i’m allergic to.

  1. If the stuff that’s published all around the media is true, then I’m guessing that it really was pilot error (although if the weather was bad, then they should have not even attempted to land the plane).

    But I see what you mean by:

    “must hope the russians had nothing to do with this one.”

    I live in Latvia (which, as you might know, is very near Poland itself) and I’m very well familiar what happens when Russia takes care of things – a lot of bad things often happen and they seem to be involved in everything.
    Don’t get me wrong, though – I most certainly have nothing against Russians and the people I do know that are from Russia are very nice, but ever since this horrible tragedy happened, I’ve been thinking there’s something “fishy” about all of this…

    Honestly I do hope this was just a mistake by the pilots and nothing more, otherwise I’m afraid of what might happen next, especially to the Post-Soviet states…

    • yes, well – i mean, it’s all too ironic, and too coincidental. if you look at Polish history – and the reason as to why the President and the delegates were traveling to Russia in the first place, perhaps things would click a little more. i don’t have anything against the Russians, but i can’t help to speculate. Putin, is far from being an icon, and i don’t like the idea of him being in charge of an investigation concerning my president.

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