i don’t know what i’m doing with my life.

i don’t want to be in school.

i don’t know where i want to be.

i’d love to be in nyc.

but that isn’t going to happen.

i’d like to please fast forward 10 years.



son of a bitch.

i got some funny/interesting information today.

i feel damn betrayed. not lying.

but i’m not going to do anything about it,

if one does good, good will have your back.

if that makes sense, i get a pat on the back

— and well, it does to me,

so thank you.

i just painted my nails & toes:

i was totally lied to by the label


fucking assholes.

marketing bitches.


sally hansen isnt a brand i usually go for – it reminds me of old women.

.. like – it’s for old women..

but whatever, i got sucked it – i purchased the five dollar polish

the brush is fairly cool

it’s different

but my nails are still wet, it’s been a good four minutes.

ahhh also!

i haven’t mentioned it on here, but i’m going to a formal tomorrow!

i’ve never been to one, however was invited by my friend adam

so it should be a good time

i’m sure i’ll get some pictures up here from it

for now, i’m gna review my french shit



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