i can see it.

read the 100girls100days blog

hopefully, my pseudo friend TD will be getting a deal on making this baby a movie; here’s his input:

“So I’m still in flux with a few companies in regards to putting my fair Dillinger on the big screen, and let’s face it I’m a guy with a website, a following, and wide-eyed idealistic casting ambitions. And to me nobody = Travis Dillinger more than Joseph Gordon Levitt.

So heres my goal people: Let’s use the power of the internet to help JGL’s career, as well as my life’s ambition. Facebook this, tweet this, retweet it, message him at @hitrecordjoe tell your mother, your mailman, your editor, your sister, your puppy. Let’s do whatever it takes to get JGL to at least acknowledge and take a gander into the world of Dillinger. And if he wants to bring Zooey along for the ride, all the better.”

help a brother out.


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