you can’t turn right

my day started off fairly regularly,

lots of outfit changing & throwing of clothing on the floor,

anywho, got some yum bagels in the morning, attended class, handed in 9 page paper [WIN]!

and then, went shopping, off to jersey gardens whooooop

.. i really just wanted to splurge on forever21, however, i ended up getting a bunch of stuff,

got myself a sweet skirt, two t-shirts, a jean romper [favorite of the day], a black sweater, and a jean button up.

i spent too much money. but thats what money is for right?

now i’m in bed, sweating bullets.

it’s really hot, i went tanning with aleks earlier, she’s really burnt – me, not so much.. i wish i was though

i rarely get any color, i’m lucky i’m showing some as it is

i still want shoes.

i would really like a pair of these babies, but i cant find them anywhere!

one for one

buy a pair, give a pair.

check them

after shopping we stopped by an old favorite family restaurant

just about any and every occasion had been spent here, Valenca

i’ve always had memories of this awesome, great service, cool menu, amazing food restaurant

and today, everything was so plain.

i haven’t been to the restaurant in about three years, we haven’t had a family/friend event spent at it in probably over six years

maybe i’ve always thought this restaurant was so damn great because the time i’ve spent there was with great ass people.

memories will never fade.

don’t you ever forget that.

well anyway, it’s passed my bedtime


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