nothings’ ever promised tomorrow today

there are many questions in my life to which i do not have the answer to.

there are many questions in my life, to which i don’t want the answer to.

i’m sitting in my student lounge, i stopped by just for a second.

it is 7:34pm, i woke up at 6. by 6:40am i was in my moms kitchen, attempting to help her as best i can.

last night, i went to bed at midnight, had a really late table at work.

i’m really tired. i didn’t have many tables today, but i’m exhausted. i think i’m getting sickish.

anywho. i can’t wait till i have time to do what i want.

theres always something that needs to get done, someone to please, something or someone.

which is what life’s about. right?

we should all always help eachother out. life is about overcoming slight obstacles.

life’s about being a good person. by bettering yourself through helping out.

and i’m not saying i do the best job of helping. or doing things.

many times, i won’t do shit until i am told to do something.

my mother  is a saint.

she does everything and anything.

and i mean, everything and anything.

i’m a lazy asshole most of the time.

one flaw i wish i could change.


my mind is all over the place.

i always just write what my hands feel like typing.

[ps. if your a dude. and you like a girl. fucking tell her. you’ll never get anywhere by telling your buddies to talk to her for you. grow some balls. do it yourself.’]


i’m going to release some stress, gna hit the studio. do mad work.



2 thoughts on “nothings’ ever promised tomorrow today

  1. why are you so rad!?
    ps. you have no idea how many times a friend of mine has asked me to talk to a girl in some way …. grow some is right.

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