i had a bunch planned for today – actually not really.

i got out of school at 3:30

got home, hoped to go visit my best friend [as noted in previous post -_-]

however, i had to go to confession [7pm]

by the time i got home it was 8:30ish driving 40minutes to see her, having dinner with her and her boyfriend & driving back would mean me getting home real laate and still not spending much time with them

so i decided not to go tonight, but i can’t wait till i get to spend some legit time with her!

once we ate some dinner, aleks and i decided to go to the movie theatre to see my baby in his newest film

he was great, the bounty hunter was definitely a great movie – i suggest you go see it if you haven’t already!

it’s really funny, and cute

i want aniston and butler to get married and have babies.

because i love them both

it is now way past my bedtime, therefore, i shall be going to sleep




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