it’s raining outside, like – really bad

i like rain, but i’ve had too much, i want sun. lots of sun.

i didn’t get around to writing yesterday, i was pooped from work and school – but currently, i’m sitting in my school library – pretending to do work.. [i’ll get to it in a little]

i’m not sure about you, but i can vouch for myself, i love people watching

i feel like i always do it, people intrigue me – all kinds of people.

it’s interesting watching body language, how it’s a means of communication even though we don’t necessarily always think of it as that

sunday night, i went out with a few friends – for my girls’ surprise birthday dinner

it was fabulous, the food was great – seeing her was great

it’s funny though, reminiscing to what used to be – and what is

makes me curious as to what will be


last night, i only served two tables, both were deuces, i think my first table was celebrating an anniversary, they were probably in their early thirties, married – full of laughter, dressed up, clearly enjoying themselves. i loved it, they were so sweet – asking me questions, ‘what would you recommend?’

well, it’s my restaurant, everything is BANGIN

hahahaha – it’s true, but i didn’t say that – i offered the couple a few personal favorites, they chose their appetizers, entrees, and dessert – with some wine, enjoyed themselves – had a few laughs with me, and left – they went off to live their lives.

for that hour and a half, i took part in their day.

who knows if i’ll ever see them again – if i do, it could be at a different table in my restaurant

– my other table was awesome as well! they simply stopped by for dinner, casually dressed – ordered some prime rib & chicken joshua, with a few pints of budlite & a sweeeet appetizer, they were all laughs and really kind also!

i love when people are happy and truly satisfied with the moment

it makes so much difference

& i really think a good attitude rubs off – or, rubs on rather ;p


ps; check out this clip i stole from gregMIKE

made me all tingly in my tummy

love this project

enjoy it. WATCH IT.

The Tenderloin Project from The WereHaus on Vimeo.



5 thoughts on “truth.

  1. theres too many thoughts going on in your head since yesterday. i cant figure out what you’re thinking and im usually close. somethig happened that gave you a different adtittude towards certain things. idk maybe im wrong.
    i hope everything is ok.

    • hahaha naaaah; i’m good :) but there is a lot going on in my head
      i can’t wait till summer – where school is done, and hopefully i’ll have time to work and time for myself :)

      the mess in my room is driving me crrrraazzyyy eeek

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