no worries.

i sincerely apologize for how sloppy this video is

i was in a crazy rush & it was late at night

i’m going to do my best at uploading a new video every night

there’s just so much stuff i’m taping – it’s wild

i’m safe & i’m having fun!

love everyone here

my rooooomiiiiee is the bessstesssttt eveerrr <3333333

i’ll try and hook you up with a video from today’s journey!! – we went to Cardiff, the capital of WALES!! :)


5 thoughts on “no worries.

  1. omg i love it
    “we didn’t get raped” haha
    and almost all the songs you used int he video are mine haha
    awww keep on having fun!
    so exciting

  2. You’re so excited! Its adorable!
    This video makes me feel like I’m in London again. Those rails are a bitch. I hated them. SOoooo confusing!

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