reality, i swear.

it’s thursday.

i’m done with my exams, ready to dip out of jersey for the week

i went into the city yesterday

i really just went in for about two hours, walked around a little with my cousin, had some mcdonald’s – which, not to any surprise, was gross, and took the train back home

don’t you love surprises?

hahaha something slightly unusual happened on the train

this dude sits across from me, and the whole train ride i semi saw him looking at me

didn’t make a big deal out of it

on his way out – he practically tosses me his number, ‘here you go’

i couldn’t help but giggle

that’s almost seriously something i would do.

so, kudos to the kid


it’s 10:09 am.

i’m still in bed, i need to get up – take the train home, start packing.

i haven’t packed yet.

i don’t know what i’m taking to england.

and then i’ve got work at four



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