november 12, 2009

it’s funny how things happen, you know – i mean, one minute you’re introduced to someone, and then you get to know this person, you consider this person your friend.. and then you meet other people – and they become your friends, and then things slowly start drifting apart, obviously, we have our own lives, it just kind of sucks how time changes evrything, and i’m not referring to this one boy who is sitting across from me even though it is him who made me think about this, however i’m referring to friends in general, well maybe no friends, but people, overall – people, you can meet them, spend the night with them, talking and laughing, then next time you see them – it could be a day after or a month after, and you could either say hi to them and reminisce or you pretend as though you didn’t ever actually meet. it’s funny i guess. i’m rambling, but i’m just thinking about how great last year was, how many great people i met, i spent so much time with them, but now, i’ll see them if i’m lucky, maybe if i run into them on my way to class, maybe if i’m waiting in line at nathans a former friend will poke me and say hii, haha i feel like i sound like such a loser, and so don’t get me wrong, i do indeed have friends, lots of them – its just that even though i know a lot of people, i also – knew a lot of people.. its no big deal.. i’m happy – if people aren’t in my life, then thats the way it’s supposed to be  – – – – – – – right?

no worries. i’m good.

by the way – – if you want something, real real real bad – wait for it, i’m sure it’ll be thousands of times better once you receive it. no doubt



felt like reposting.


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