oh snap

so dearest, it is 11:34pm; i just got into bed, i’ve had a long ass day.

to start it off, i woke up at 8 am, after spending the night with chatroulette, till about midnight

i went to school, got ready, went into the city, hooked myself up with the glorious metropolitan museum

located right at 81st & 5th, it took me a good forty-ish minutes to get there from penn station

here’s a slideshow of pics from the museum!

this whole ordeal gave me a headache; and what cures a headache?

fresh air and a boy

.. that’s kind of a lie – he usually causes my headaches

however, we went out to dinner, enjoyed the not so chilly air of nyc, and had an overall good time

friends are a good thing, let me tell you

alrighties, it’s way passed my bedtime, therefore – i wish you sweet dreams


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