words are words

now now kiddies, let’s not get caught up in the mishap of life.

we all judge eachother – i don’t think its necessary for me to point that out, we meet people, befriend them, date them, hate them, lose them – that’s life.

our means of communication – the way that we get to know a person, through gestures and words.

our words captivate our emotions.

and often, talk is cheap.

the way i figure, if you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say it.

if something is bothering you, breathe in – and think – FUCK IT.

why bring something up from the past?

nah’m sayin?

surely, we all have our insecurities – our “what if’s”

however, we don’t control the things in our lives, as much as we would like to.

unfortunately, many of the human beings, walking this earth – do things in vein

they like belittling others, they like messing with our heads – to make them feel better about themselves

and honestly, if that floats your boat – thats chill

however, i like to think that i’m growing as a person, on a daily basis

if something frustrates me, i do my best to blow it off, why bother diggin into the issue?

sometimes, we need to learn to grow the fuck up, be considerate of eachothers’ lives & how we all choose to live them

– we also have to keep in mind, that our minds grow – at least i like to think so – the person i was yesterday changed, today – i have a different outlook on life – tomorrow, it will probably change again.

but i guess by saying this, i mean that we shouldn’t be phased by what others think

we should live life the way that makes us happy

if talking shit about people, makes you happy, i guess go ahead and keep talking shit

however, i’ve got a different approach to this game of life

i’m a winner, i’m sure we’ll run into eachother once the game ends.

on a side note though: karma is a bitch indeed


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