had a long day.

today was great!

woke up in the morning; 8:30ish, hung out with the family

cousins and goddaughter came over <3 i love it when they come by!

i showered & did my hair all pretty

then spent the day shopping with my brother and sister in law! :]

i bought lots of stuff for england, which i had told myself before – that i wouldn’t

then i got back on campus and finally finished my bumble bee! [which, actually, i don’t think i mentioned on here, but you’ll see it when i’m done ;p]

aleks & i put some red into our hair; just for fun :)

i decided i’m yearning for a more eclectic style, i want to express myself more visually

perhaps one day, i’ll have my own clothing line

we’ll see

make sure you remember my name, one day, you’ll reminisce and think – ‘she knew she was going to be famous’


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