what is it that we want from eachother?

for the past two days, i have been tying knots – one by one, in order to create that little masterpiece above these words, a bracelet – a friendship bracelet, to the girl which, one year and a month ago, i wanted to knock out.


everything happens for a reason right?

i know i say that a lot. but really. everything in my life – is great right now, i mean, of course – i’ve got my little mishaps, but everyone does, i think

i think it’s important to think about the people in your life

what are they doing in it?!

many times, we’ve got out closest ring of friends, we’ve got employees and co-workers, our acquaintances, our mailmen, our friends we wish were more than friends, and so many more – so many more strangers, which we know.

we don’t always know them by name, but we know of them – and they have an effect on our lives, whether they are the topic of conversation for those five minutes in your precious life, or perhaps they are those people you always run into and are so damn eager to have a conversation with

i just spent about two hours, laughing and singing with the girl – that i could not stand last year

she sat across from me so that she could see me better ;p

we got really close within the last few months, and i like that a lot.

a lot of times, we judge a person by the things that person does or says, obviously

people change though. perspectives change

i’m happy we grow on a daily basis.

i’ve got a few people in my life, that i couldn’t live without, i mean – i rather not test that theory, but i’m really glad i’ve got my little bundles of joy which i can lean on no matter what

i’ve got a hell of a lot of people, that influence me – whom i don’t necessarily know by name, those who i have never seen, some whom i have never even spoken to [i thank the internet for this]

but it’s whatever, i’ve been thinking about it a lot.

thank those around you, for being there.

for giving your life meaning

make your friends friendship bracelets!

they’re the cool thing these days ;p


love you all; annakay


2 thoughts on “what is it that we want from eachother?

  1. You’ve recently become someone who influences my day for the better and I have to say thanks. My world had become way too small of late and blogging (both reading and writing) has really helped that. And it has been fun to find folks like you out here in cyberspace with whom I really can relate.

    I appreciate the inspiration you offer!

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