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GREG MIKE is the nexus of several worlds. He is a formally trained studio artist who commands a rich understanding of street art, graphic design, fashion design, and commercial branding, packaging and marketing. In the ever-shifting world of modern art the barriers between what is considered high-brow and low-brow continue to teeter and topple, amid the rumble and rubble GREG MIKE’s work emerges as a fresh and lively endeavor marrying together the playful grit of street art with the unflinching focus of the studio.

Born in the 80’s into an artistic family in the northeast it was the graffiti and skate scenes of New York City that initially lit the fuse of GREG MIKE’s propulsive arc. As a teen he christened any surface accepting ink or paint, created massive murals in locations often of questionable legality, and during marathon night sessions he experimented with a variety of techniques and perspectives in the makeshift studio in his parents’ garage.Up to his eyes in art and ambition he amassed an arsenal of work that secured his acceptance as a Studio Art major at Florida State University.

In Tallahassee he was recruited by the CARPE DENIM (CARPE CLOTHIERS) line to create and formulate the design, branding and marketing of their high-end denim collections. In a mere three year span CARPE had a presence in boutiques worldwide and relocated to the more cosmopolitan Atlanta, GA. During this time GREG MIKE completed his Studio Art degree and became intimately familiar with the nuances of the fashion world as he oversaw every step of the process from source sampling and product construction in Chinese factories to the brand’s bearing and appearance at international garment tradeshows. To remedy the lack of a respectable tradeshow focused on high-end contemporary clothing he created and organized the TRAFIK TRADESHOW in South Beach Miami, FL, a massive event that ran consistently for several years.

Using the successes of CARPE and TRAFIK as a springboard GM CREATIVE was launched, a one-stop creative design studio. This new effort has fostered collaborations with many camps including Dallas Austin’s Rowdy Collection. The accomplishments of his solo venture have allowed GREG MIKE the time and resources to fully engage his creative impulses on a new level. “With my personal work,” he says, “I love that are no boundaries, no one to submit to but myself.”

Road-tested and approved, GREG MIKE’s experience and drive have ushered in an epoch of furious output of original artwork. With solo gallery shows on both coasts coming up he has turbo-charged the excavation process of revealing his internal vision.  The brazen colors and impossibly precise line work of his newest pieces arrest the viewing eye as he yokes the clarity and precision of his most communicative commercial design work to the madcap zest of his original street art influences. GREG MIKE’s pieces assert themselves as polished provocations rendered by a sure and steady talent. Like many of the children of Warhol GREG MIKE aims to engage the outside world by recognizing and utilizing the multiplicity of applications of which illustration and design are capable. His work is a reflection upon and continuation of the process of creation, dissemination, absorption and reinvention that manifests itself as ideas, attitudes and expectations attached to art and its many manifestations in culture cycle through the street, the marketplace and the gallery.


honestly can say; i love his freakin originality

and the bright colors are dope as hell

plus he’s actually, really goodlooking



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