let’s better, each other.

okay okay; i just watched new york i love you.

many have recommended this movie for me – exclaiming that i would love it

you were correct. i loved it.


well, if you haven’t seen the movie – i’ll slightly tell you what it’s about, you’ve got a whole bunch of characters – different scenes, they’re all different.

the movie starts off with two strangers entering one cab – both men, lead different lives, scene changes, you’ve got a woman – her life is so much different from the life of the man whom she speaks to – scene changes – there was a man, a father – who takes his daughter to the park – scene changes – etc.

love is connected in just about every scene of this movie

but it really isn’t about that, it’s funny because just a few days ago – i was talking to a good friend, and if you know me – you know her – or of her, haha this is also the girlfriend of my brother..

but anyway, we were talking – about how, really – you never know a person to the fullest.

every one lives a different life, the symbols in my life – which i perceive as important – are most likely, not anywhere near the symbols that you view as vital – or vice versa, obviously.

we all care for different things, we all look different

however – when it comes down to it, we all live this life – and whether you like it or not, if you take a second to reflect on your experiences – you will realize that we all make a difference in how we lead our lives.

the man that served you your coffee – you gave him money, he gave you drink

the girl that smiled when you walked past her – she made you warm inside, knowing that happiness rubs off

the guy that stole your seat on the bus – gave your day an off meaning – that event changed your feeling – change how you viewed your dinner that night

every one of us, makes an impact – we all do it, to eachother.

with this movie – i’ve come to realize, i think i’m doing my best, to really better myself, as well as others

even if its a smile, or opening someones door, or saying thank you, or simply looking in someone’s eyes

of course, as always – i feel as though all of this information made a hell of a lot more sense in my head, then when written out for the world to see

but this is another step i’m taking

i hope you think about others, just as much as you think of/about yourself

because really, those who know you & those who don’t – mold you into who you are

so do yourself a favor, help yourself – mold yourself, into who you want to be, be nice to everyone.

be kind.


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