the scoop.

i’ve been really satisfied with my surroundings recently. i feel like my mind has been heading towards legit positivity, and i guess that’s thanks to me, myself, and i.

you know, i started this blog last year, because i was stressed, and i love it. i love the fact that i can write anything that’s on my mind – because, the reality of it is, as much as i love having you read my stuff, i so much more love having the option of venting to some thing that won’t talk back.

obviously, with friends and family, checking in on my blog frequently, i do filter most of what i write about – however, i think i’m going to go back to how i used to write on here.

i’m not holding anything back, because – why should i? honesty, is the best policy right?

shit, i don’t know

i guess if i write shit about my day on here, people will ask me about exact details, and no i don’t necessarily want everyone knowing everything.

i’m rambling, i know – but i don’t care.

i think i’m gna start a new entry.


2 thoughts on “the scoop.

  1. After reading this I had to comment. I had the same situation happen to me, and well I learned a lot from it. I lost a friend last year as well (during summer time). It was really over a stupid thing, but in the long run it did me good. I realized everything truly does happen for a reason, because I am so much more drama and stress free when it comes to the friendship I had. I had our relationship in the best intention to make everything work, but sometimes you just got to let things go. During the relationship I tried to make it work, but it was just too fake… every other conversation was about her and I just couldn’t take it any longer.
    After our relationship ended I realized I am a much happier person. No drama! I realized you can’t call a best friend a girl who you constantly go out and just have fun with. A bestie should have all your respect trust and confidence that no matter what goes through you- you two will never break.
    I only have one girl like that and that’s all I need.
    Sometimes it’s good to let go. That how life circles, therefore, we must circle around that philosophy. What goes up must come down eventually- it’s just wasn’t their time to shine in your wonderful and bright life. The show must go on babe; therefore, you must follow that proverb “everything happens for a reason” because it truly does exist that way. That’s life. Moj chlopak mi doradzil z ta kolezanka ze “nigdy nie wchodzi sie do tej samej rzeki dwa razy”. That’s so true!
    That’s exactly why people say “once relationships have broken up once- it will only go downhill from there.”
    I see through your posts how sincere of a person you are. You have a very genuine heart and have lots of love to offer. You just haven’t found that “right” person to give it to, just yet. Don’t worry, that time will come; friendship or lover wise- you will find that right person.
    Remember: you lose one but that’s more room for you to gain another, another worth your time and love.
    Good luck!
    (p.s. you ever wanna chat I’m so down for pick-me-up conversations) love you buziaczki!

    • aw i love this so much. thank you <3
      it's still just really hard. she and i never had any real drama – ever, that's why i'm in such shock and surprise. and it was over something that is silly, however i can understand that she's upset – but it isn't something that she should have taken out on me, but everything does happen for a reason. i'm trying to deal with it.

      it means a lot that through my posts you can read me <3 love you girl! thank youuuu!

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