my one year, with myself – and all of you.

13,811 views later, here i am – one year, and a month – i remember it like yesterday.

i apologize to wordpress, for not remembering my commitment to you last month, so today – i will remind the world of how it all happened..


no, but on a serious note – look at how lame my first blog post ever was..

hahaahah i’m lame, but it’s cool.

it’s weird reminiscing and reading random posts from last year..

i was in a completely different place..

i feel like i was a completely different person.


i forgot to tell you all about what i’m giving up for lent,

potatoes and bread

and i decided that everyday, i will tell one random person, a happy thought.

to make their day a little better – hopefully, lol

i wanted this post to be of better quality, however – i’m pooped.

my head hurts, it’s been a long day

i sound like myself a year and a month ago.

i wish you a night of pleasant dreams, and a morning that treats you to a wonderful day :)

goodnight <3


2 thoughts on “my one year, with myself – and all of you.

  1. Aww..congrats on your first year blog anniversary. :) For Lent I’m fasting from the chicken, pork and beef and I’m very pleased with myself so far…i wish you all the best in your fast. Take care

    • thank you :) tehe;
      i did the whole no meat thing two years ago, however that same year i also didn’t eat any bread or potatoes. it was the hardest thing i’ve ever done, but i did it!

      i’m pleased with myself thus far as well :)!
      <3 thank you for your comment!

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