ran into a blog post; i’d like to share it with you

cheap and fabulous ideas for your loved one <3

  • A box of tissues (to symbolize that you’re the only person who has made him cry out of happiness)
  • Matching pillowcases (somewhere to rest your heads together even when you’re apart)
  • A bottle of Tums (to symbolize how you cure his heartache)
  • A block of cheddar cheese (because you make everything better)
  • A change purse (because he wishes he could hang out in your pocket all day long)
  • Hair clips (because he loves to see your beautiful face)
  • A coffee mug (because the first thing he wants to wake up to in the morning is a kiss from you)
  • Assorted nail polish/assorted permanent markers would also work (to symbolize the dizzy, high feeling he gets when you’re in the room)
  • A mix CD (because this should never have gone out of style)
  • Anything handmade or created (because girls fall for this artsy, sensitive junk all the time)

check it out lianamerlo


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