my horoscope

yesterday: 02/16/10

you may be deluding about a certain opportunity. something that looks too good to be true probably is, but you may want to believe it anyway. you could be caught up in its fantasy aspects, intent on finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. to get what you want, you need to start on solid ground. you must fully investigate opportunities as they come along. it you are convinced that what you want to do will get you where you want to be, just take a little bit of time to learn more. you may change your mind.

today 02/17/10:

the concept of dancing like no one is watching may be a foreign one to you, Taurus. you can be self conscious and that does sometimes prohibit you from fully living each moment. this is something that you can work on if you do it in small increments.the next time you have the desire to do something you fear will make you look foolish, do it anyway, and don’t give into that little voice in your head that tells you to stop. you could achieve so much more if you would let go of certain inhibitions, and allow more of your true self shine through.

weird. it’s too accurate.


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