it’s white everywhere

ok ok ; so we all know how much i love the snow, it’s white, it’s pretty, it’s fluffy, it’s cold

therefore, i decided to go play in it

hahah my friend bianca and i decided to bundle up, and build a snowman.. he was honestly a big ass snowman.. so we put eyes on it, and a smile and huge arms.. i didn’t even really get to take a picture of him from up close =/

it’s an awful picture, i know – but thats what Oscar looked like..

check out a little piece of ‘the making of’

…and it broke apart a little

throughout the day & night, people hung out in the snow – at one point, someone had constructed a huge penis on our snowman.. we decided to leave it..

hahhaah now.. our Oscar.. is an actual penis..

hahahaha i’m glad people took an opportunity to be creative on campus :)

it’s funny looking at a penis outside amanda’s window


i’m going to sleep.. goodnight!


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