if i should die; before i wake.

  1. What unfinished business would you leave behind? i would not return home to tell my family how much i love them, i would not see the snow which should come my way tomorrow, i would not get my driver’s license, i would not turn twenty, i would not get a chance to visit wroxton or london, i wouldn’t see my amazing cousin get married, wouldn’t see my little baby turn five – so many more.
  2. What would you want to say to those you love? i apologize for being stubborn, for being needy, for everything being about me. i apologize for not doing everything in my power to give you everything you desire and deserve. i apologize for causing you pain and i wish that you would remember any and all of our good times together.
  3. What would people remember you for? hahahaah my sense of humor of course. my sarcasm, my dumb laugh, people would reminisce about how i don’t have my license, i like to think i make people laugh, even if they’re laughing at me, i hope people remember me for being myself, for wanting the best for the world, for being a person filled with positive energy – for the most part. i know they’ll remember me for my networking and my love for gerard.
  4. Would you have regrets? the absolutely only regret i would have would be to not travel the world with family and friends. regrets aren’t really my thing. i mean the choices i made in the past are what put me where i’m at right now – and i like it. i prefer thinking of my choices and decisions as learning experiences – i think of how to be different in the future – not regret.
  5. Would you think you spent your time wisely? not really no. i should drop out of college and travel the world.
  6. How many lives would you have help positively change? i would like to think that i haven’t given anyone a reason to change in a negative way, positivity is key. being happy is what keeps us going, i always tell people to smile, i’m not sure how many people i have influenced, however i do hope that there is at least one out there.
  7. Would you have let your talents go to waste? i wish i knew what they were; however hell naaaaah bro
  8. Would someone be inspired by your passing to seize the moment? that’s a weird question. i’m not sure.
  9. What and who would make you smile in the face of your death? my baby brother, my mom, my dad, my brother

took this from winkthinks! check out the site!! :)

what a day to be alive eh?


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