all at once.

i’m not sure why i haven’t written about this yet, but i’m going to do it nooow :]

hahah this past sunday, i went out with my parents! we went to a Polish concert at the Ritz Theatre in Elizabeth, it was actually a lot of fun, we ran into a hell of a lot of people that we know, we know the organizer of the concert & the people on stage are damn famous all over Poland, it was funny hearing what they’re really like backstage.

stachursky is a comical performer, he can’t dance & he thinks he’s the shit.. he came out in ripped jeans and a hoodie, with a white towel in his left pocket.. however – his voice pulled through as always. i really enjoyed him, he made me laugh hahahaha

next was kasia kowalska – now let me tell you, i love her music.. however, her performance sucked.. she came out in a fedora, sequins spandex, and a michael jackson type jacket in knee high boots – and i feel like her voice didn’t really satisfy me.. her band was definitely way too loud & the whole feel, in my opinion was way too ‘rock&roll’ which isn’t what her music should be depicted as – at least i don’t think so.

once she got off stage.. paulla came on – and she was honestly great. she’s fresh in the music industry; you could tell, she was really fucking sincere in her performance, where kasia kowalska didn’t even say hi or anything.

anyway, then monday, i had class – ceramics! i’m working on a tribal mask, and i’ll be showing pictures as soon as possible!

tuesday, i had my french class & psych

wednesday, i had my sociology of religion class – which is amazing, i really enjoyed it. my prof is dope as hell so far – he called me Anne. thanks lou.

i went to an na meeting last night with my roommate.

we were curious as to what one was like. we want to continue attending.

today, was my day off – i had a study session at 2 for my psych class, however i couldn’t attend, roommie and i were also going to go to montclair this morning however i ended up having to go home for the day, so i hung out at the restaurant for a little bit, then came back home to finish my ceramics project

before we got to the studio, amanda and i realized that we had a club meeting to attend, its a drunk driving prevention club – it’s going to be a big thing :)

after that, we went to the studio to finish our stuff, i’m almost done with mine – however not totally =/ i hope i finish it before monday :x it’s looking really good though!

anyways, i’m tired.



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