distance only brings people closer together.


today, all day, it poured – legitimately, it felt like someone turned the hose on, my coat is still wet =/ i only had one class, but it was refreshing – i honestly really enjoyed it.. CERAMICS :) hahah i already have a project due on monday haha

last week we all decided we wanted to get together because our two best friends from fdu, lou and fabio, are going away for this semester to Wroxton, England – four whole months. – i miss them already and yet they leave on thursday and lou is sitting next to me. tehe

so we wanted to have a little goodbye dinner type thing – seventeen of our closest friends got together at a cute restaurant & grubbed on fabulous food, it was really really good – i was pleasantly surprised, and it wasn’t too expensive either

i’m sure i’ll get some pictures soon, therefore i will be posting them soon

.. that was the worst picture ever taken of the three of us. may 12, 2009. my birthday.

i’m going to miss them both, dearly.

for now, my head is pounding with pain – i’m going to sleep, goodnight.


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