breathe.stretch.shake – let it go.

i can honestly say, that hangover is top 5 on my list of movies i adore.

today, ladies and gentlemen – i got my ass out on the streets – no i didn’t kill anyone.

i drove for about two hours – it wasn’t bad, i’m actually a good driver :) hahahaha

anyways, i’m in a good mood today, i think mostly because i was so satisfied with the fact that i’m not too bad of a driver – i never thought i’d say that.

remember this?

november 14, 2006

september 20, 2009

i’ve had my car since i was 16 – hopefully i’ll be driving it by the time i’m twenty :)


and yo – tomorrow i’m getting my hair done. i’ve got the appointment for 10am – i want to dye it – i don’t know what i’m going to do to it really.

and friday – i’m going into the city with this dude that i haven’t seen in forever – and we’re going to have a damn good night, he’s taking me to see kid cudi. as he would call him – [kid coodee] hahaha i hope he listens to cudi’s music – which i fully doubt – cause i plan on singing along to every song – i’m so excited, words can’t describe.


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