i’ve never done this before.

I have baked a cake.
I have driven more than ten minutes without a permit or license.
I have gone out in public naked.
I have laughed until I cried.
I have been in a car accident.

I have kissed someone I just met.
I have ridden in a taxi.

I have played The Sims.
I have played GTA.
I have gotten lost in a mall.
I have thought about killing myself.
I have sworn at my parents in anger.
I have broken something in anger.

I have had sex under the age of sixteen.
I have graduated high school.
I have smoked cigarettes.

I have seen a shooting star.
I have bitten someone.
I have let go of someone and regretted it.

I have kicked a guy in the balls.
I have gotten stitches.

I have played on a playground over the age of twelve.
I have smoked weed.
I have been late to school.

I have missed more then twenty days in a school year.
I have used MySpace for more than three years.
I have done ecstasy.
I have done coke.

I have done meth.
I have been to church in the last five years.
I have bought something at Hollister.
I have bought something from Hot Topic.
I have wanted a BMW.
I have smiled at a stranger.
I have hated a friend’s parents.
I have not given a fuck.
I have cried over the opposite sex more than a week straight.
I have gained weight in the past month.

I have lost weight in the past month.
I have played basketball on a team.
I have played field hockey on a team.
I have played soccer on a team.
I have played softball on a team.
I have had sex with one of my teachers.
I have cursed someone out.
I have punched someone in the face.

I have had space brownies.
I have had no life.
I have been sick of myself.
I have had an abortion.
I have been in love.
I have been in lust.

I have missed someone from my past.
I have kissed a cat or dog.

I have been in a club.
I have been to a rave.
I have beaten myself up.
I have been rejected.
I have cried in school.

I have seen a meteor shower.
I have been drunk.
I have had alcohol before the age of fourteen.
I have played spin the bottle.
I have glued myself to something.
I have had surgery.
I have had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back.
I have been stalked.
I have been extremely embarrassed.
I have had sex in a car.
I have had sex behind a building.

I have snuck out of my house.
I have shoplifted.

I have been suspended.
I have gotten detention.
I have taken painkillers.
I have wanted to be a teacher at some point.

I have wanted to be a fireman.
I have been called a slut.
I have been fingered by more than five different people.
I have gone streaking.
I have had sleep overs with the opposite sex.
I have gotten into drugs and drinking and was able to stop.

I have played strip poker.
I have sat on the computer all day.
I have dyed my hair.
I have been mistaken for someone else.
I have babysat someone else’s kids.

I hate when people that don’t even know me talk about me.
I hate when people like something then stop just because I don’t like it.
I hate when people tell me that I said something that I obviously never did!
I hate when people ask who I’m texting.
I hate when I ask someone “Who?” and they say, “Oh someone you don’t know.”
I hate when people think they can sing, but they can’t.
I hate when people have the same name as me.

I hate when people ask “what’s wrong?” when obviously nothing is wrong.
I hate when other people are flirting.
I hate when people start smoking when they’re near me.
I hate when people ask me what I’m doing when I am online.
I hate when people ask to use my cell phone.
I hate when people IM me, then have nothing to say.
I hate when people show up unexpectedly.
I hate when people say they can come, then don’t show up.
I hate when people talk about people they know, but I don’t.
I hate when people think I have a crush on them just because I’m nice to them.

I hate when people think they are “random” when they’re not.
I hate when people like their own facebook posts.
I hate when people do the jerk.
I hate when people say, “I know something… but I can’t tell you.”
I hate when people get back together over and over.
I hate when people change what I said, to make it sound way worse than what I meant.
I hate when people I hate like the same things that I like.
I hate when people make a big deal out of a little mistake.
I hate when people say “I’m not yelling!” when clearly they are.
I hate when I make plans, get excited, and then they never happen.

I hate when I think of a really good comeback after the argument.
I hate when I’m pulling into the garage and my favorite song starts.
I hate those awkward moments when my friend’s parents are yelling at them.
I hate that horrible mini-heart attack I get when I think I’ve lost something.
I hate when I’m about to say something good and the topic changes.
I hate when someone else takes the piece of food I have mentally claimed.
I hate when I tell a story that is supposed to be funny and no one laughs.
I hate waiting for a text, then receiving it right when I am about to fall asleep.
I hate when I wake up a half hour before the alarm goes off and just lay there.
I hate when I beat someone and their excuse is “I wasn’t trying.”
I hate pumping gas in the freezing cold.
I hate when I can’t get to sleep because my brain is having a convo with itself.
I hate when I don’t notice my phone is dying until I’m about to leave.
I hate it when I find out something I didn’t want to know and my heart sinks.
I hate trying to text and my fingers are all frozen from the cold outside.
I hate when I can’t decide if I want to buy something, so I walk away, then when I come back for it, it’s gone.
I hate it when my friends become friends with someone I hate.

I hate it when I stand up too quickly and nearly black out.

i don’t actually honestly really hate anything – i simply don’t like it. yeah.


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