well, luck – has apparently been on my side recently – i’ve noticed that all things which are great are occurring – well, almost all things.

today, i registered for my spring semester – only took up 12 credits right now, considering i will be working to pay off my debt, however i’m excited to announce – i am staying at fdu for the rest of this year!

monday: ceramics 1 [12:45-3:25]

tuesday: french 1 [2:10-3:25] general psychology [5:25-8:00]

wednesday: sociology of religion [12:45 – 3:25]

thursday: OFF!

friday: french 1 [2:10 – 3:25]

i have always wanted to take up another language – especially french, therefore – i think i’m mostly excited for that! however my ceramics class should be fun, sociology should be interesting, and gen psych – well, i actually need to take that hahaha

you know, for the first time ever – i almost considered going vegetarian – and if you know me, then you take that in as shocking information, cause i loveee love love foood, especially meat. obviously, people have different reasons for choosing the vegetarian lifestyle, some can’t stand the thought of slaughtering an animal, some want to ‘go green’ & strike against the meat industry, some don’t like the taste – but nothing i have ever read or heard – had ever, EVER, triggered the thought that perhaps – going veg would be suitable for me – this all, due to a blog i ran into last night.. check out this small segment..

“If you are eating this animal you are taking that misery into your body. Most people take that miserable, negative energy into their bodies everyday and they wonder why they are themselves miserable and negative. The energy does not go away. It is now in you.”

all of this stuff which was written about, made sense – and it freaked me out.. now – am i saying i’m going vegetarian.. well, chances of that happening are slim – however i will most definitely reduce intake.. i’m gna take it step by step and grub on salads more often than ever & if i’m gna want meat.. well i’ll do my best to go organic [they have laws & regulations which are anti-animal cruelty]

do yourself a favor, read the blog entry!


anywho; i’ve been listening to a lot of john mayer recently.



18 thoughts on “triumph

  1. oh! i’ve actually thought of becoming a vegetarian myself, because I don’t eat meat much anyway these days. but i don’t think i could live like that permanently…. besides – meat is good for you (your body)! ;)

    good to hear things are going good for you, though. good luck with learning french!

    • aahhhh well; i dont know about how good meat actually is; however i think i’m going to try – but i KNOW it’s going to be crazy hard, i eat meat all the time – it’s my favorite.

      :) and thank you! i hope i will be fluent by next year [tehe a girl can dream big ;p]

  2. Wow, thanks for the plug! Try not to restrict yourself too much. If you really want to do this, don’t make yourself stick to just salads or you’ll get fed up and never do it. If you cook, there’s a great website for recipes:
    If not, start with some of the prepackaged items from Amy’s, Morningstar Farms, and Quorn and then try some simpler recipes. My best friend taught herself to cook when she was in college and stop eating meat. She was terrible at first, but now she’s a wonderful cook. Takes a while and perseverance.

    • :) no problem!
      i have honestly never considered going vegan – i guess, vegan would be the only way to go – right? because technically, by consuming dairy products, i’m still consuming yumminess produced by the suffering animals – correct? however, i believe organic products are similarly raised as wildlife would be [?] i could be wrong, however that’s the impression i’m getting – as a hunter would kill and consume the whole animal – distributors of organic meat sell quality meat for a slightly larger penny. i’m not much of a cook; however i really don’t like frozen dinners – i think i could try this out, because i do agree with how you mention that negative energy is indeed transferred. blah; i don’t know if i’m making any sense – this is going to be a damn project for me, considering i live in a restaurant in which we sell amazing meals. keep your fingers crossed for me!

  3. Annakay,

    I don’t know if it would help or hurt, but what really convinces me to go to vegan(just starting myself) is the proven science on the health benefits.

    If you go to YouTube and put “Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar — Physically Addictive Foods Part 1” in the search and give that guy a listen. He just makes a lot of sense to me. Again, it may be boring and uninteresting to you, but I found that lecture incredibly fascinating and enlightening.

    Also, John Mayer is a fantastic musician. I’m a huge fan of his music.

    • Oh what I meant by “I dont know if it would help or hurt” I meant “I don’t know if it would help or hurt your newfound interest in becoming a vegan.” My mind tends to race ahead of my typing and I don’t finish typing out the entire thought. :)

      • hmm; well i can’t check the link right now – i’m at work :x hahaha however, i will definitely take a looksie ;p i’m sure it will be interesting! thank you!

        john mayer is indeed a fantastic musician!

  4. I posted a note on Off Topic about trackbacks and pingbacks because I wanted to see what they look like on a blog and I got a “pingback” on my own blog from MissAnnaKay regarding this veggie thread (I was on that thread quite a bit).

    Thanks, MissAnnaKay. You inadvertently just taught me what a pingback is.

    I am a freelance writer and wrote a piece regarding vegetarianism/veganism (on my blog at “my veggie diet). The last sentence you said, MissAnnaKay, is what I want to respond to:

    “…well i’ll do my best to go organic [they have laws & regulations which are anti-animal cruelty]”

    My suggestion, if you’re really up for it, is to read books by John Robbins or go online to his website (earthsave dot org) or go to pcrm dot org (that’s the MD Antonio was talking about).

    Organic animal foods = poison to your body
    Organic animal foods = cruelty to animals (the only people telling you otherwise are either ignorant or affiliated with the meat, dairy and egg industries.)

    There is a huge move now to get people to believe what you just said, because if millions of people think that organic animal foods are kind and the others are not, then they haven’t lost you as a customer. If you want, I can give you several examples of how this is true.

    Thanks for your interest in a new diet. I hope it catches fire in your heart. I love it and the food is the best (you just have to learn new recipes). :)

  5. I might be wrong but I believe she doesn’t mean organic FOOD is bad for you but organic ANIMAL foods, meaning animals as food are bad for you even if they are organic.

    • ahh that’s what i meant too; organic animals as food.. compared to regularly fed animals – which are consumed.. i mean, overall – i do know that eating meat causes heart problems, cancer – all sorts of shinanigans…
      i need to research into all of this stuff. i’m doing my best; eeeek

  6. Good Morning…

    Just to clarify: I did not say organic foods are bad for you. My comment referred to animal cruelty on organic farms. It sounds like you are asking now about human health?

    If your question is, ‘How are organic animal foods bad for you?’ then here are a few examples below. (Sorry, you’ll have to fix the DOT part since I can’t put a link on here). Before you read these, you should ask yourself why you would trust me or these links. Everyone has their own shpeel on nutrition and the public doesn’t know who to trust. Who do you trust? Why do you trust them? Are they earning billions of dollars off your trust? The links below are from nonprofit sources and their research is based on pure science, meaning, the “studies” conducted from scientists were not paid for by industry. When the science is paid for by the very same people that are trying to sell you food, the science is not pure.

    “Frequently asked questions about nutrition” -scroll to #6
    pcrm DOT org/health/veginfo/nutritionfaq.html#Fish

    “Health concerns about dairy products”
    pcrm DOT org/health/veginfo/dairy.html

    “Organic meats are not health foods”
    pcrm DOT org/health/prevmed/organic_meats.html

    • ahh i know; sorry – i meant, organic animal food! i’m def going to look into this more, it’s going to be challanging, but it all makes sense, and i’m all for animal love.

      thank you for these links!

  7. I’m just glad you’re open to it. I come from a southern family and when I decided to cut out red meat my family flipped (I was a teenager) but by the time I decided to cut out all meat they were so used to it that my Grandmother even gave it a shot!

    Speaking of pingbacks…I was glad to finally know what they look like too! Now that I know, how do you do one? If you link to a site does it automatically give the pingback I got on my post? Is that hpw it was done or do you have to an additional step?

  8. NM, answered my own question. I had linked to another blog on my last post and went to see if it left a “pingback” on that post and sure enough it did. I guess that’s how it works.

  9. Pinochina is on the ball. Yes, that’s what I meant. ;)

    I meant to add this:

    John Robbins, heir to the Baskin-Robbins fortune (gave it up) and is a vegan. Any of his books are magical to read because he is so kind in his writing and funny and so filled with information that is easy-to-read and understand. He is at earthsave DOT org.

    Dr. T. Colin Campbell, professor emeritus teaching nutrition at Cornell University (very hard positition to obtain -how did he get it?) Read “The China Study.”

    You will not be the same person after you read John Robbins and Dr. Campbell. It’s impossible to remain the same. Even if your diet doesn’t change, something in you will be able to disseminate better between the lies manufactured on nutrition and the truth of what we were intended to eat. And believe me, it’s a process. Because I eat vegan only but I also cook some foods and the truth is, raw is best. So I am going through a similar process as you are. And I understand how hard it is to change. Once you get past the mental stuff, it’s easy. I’m learning to sprout grains, I’m learning to garden my own veggies, I’m learning to make pies that are yummy without baking…

    Good Luck!

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