i had a wonderful day yesterday – laughing and talking with my friends –

it’s nice to get out of the house once in a while

and what i’ve been thinking about – by no means has anything to do with any of those i am currently close with – however; you don’t know what tomorrow will bring you

on my way to & from summit – i was looking at the houses i passed, each house containing a family – each family going through different things on a daily basis – each family member having their own life – different friends and jobs – securities and opinions – it’s wild that every person in the world is the same as a human – however – so damn different as an individual

i feel like i’ve got so much to say – and can’t spit it out.

my head hurts, i just got back from the doctors, i’m sick =/ & my little one is sick too :(

i’ve also been thinking about someone recently – someone i lost contact with a little while ago – i kind of want to know how you’re doing, however i’m doing my best to stay away from you – you always suck me back in – our friendship has been a rocky road – it was a good one while it lasted – it’s weird how both of us changed – it’s a good thing i guess, cause everything happens for a reason; with the holiday season just passing us by – and a phone call here and there – some words were exchanged – and meant, on my part – i miss you – hope you’re all right

i’m not ballsy enough to tell you i don’t want to be close with you – but i’ll tell you i miss you if it ever so happens we talk in the future.


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