oh the resolutions

someone i know – ‘im-ed’ me today, no hello – hi – no nothing.. just:

u a sexy bitch

like – who are you to ever say that to me – dream big if you think i’ll respond to you – loser.

i was appalled.

sorry i had to let that out there ; today was really damn busy for me – my house was packed all day; we had a bunch of family friends over :) it was great

i’ve been thinking a lot about what i want from this year

my list of expectations & resolutions : i don’t know if you can handle me twenty-ten.

1.) i would like to stay healthy

2.) i hope my relationship with my family only gets stronger

3.) i wish to see my friends more often – this includes lou and fabs, aswell – we shall use skype! ;p

4.) i would like to fall in love & have him love me back

5.) i wish for an amazing summer in europe – italy with the best & poland with the fam

6.) i hope to see kid cudi, kanye & alicia keys in concert – at least once

7.) moving out of my house would be amazing, yes please

8.) receiving a driver’s license – HOOORAH

9.) making people smile shall be my duty

10.) i am eager to lose 10lbs

11.) i would love to get a tattoo

12.) i will do my best to not talk smack about people

13.) i will have an optimistic outlook as often as i can

14.) i would like to go into the city frequently & by train

15.) i do have a potty mouth; therefore i should work on filtering the curse words out of my vocabulary

16.) i hope to be better to my friends & family

i know that there are a hell of a lot more – however i’m about to watch the time traveler’s wife so i’m getting off this thang ;p

i hope all your wishes come true in the new year – i’m ecstatic to see what’s in store for me :]!


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