i never gave a fuck; i mean i did – but like, fuck it.

i’m sitting in my bed, it’s just past four pm; and i’m surrounding myself with the wonderful melodies of kid cudi

i’ve got nothing to do, i should really clean my room – like, really.

today, i really realized what i would like to change about myself, for the future

i’m going to put this towards my new years resolution;

i always say i do my best to please those around me, however i more frequently do what pleases me

i’m stubborn – really, very, stubborn – i would like that to change

i am eager to become more understanding of others in the world

– i have my opinion on certain things, but i don’t necessarily always need to share it

i will work on these puppies, as well as others

i woke up in a good mood – and as the evening approaches, my mood had gotten even better

change won’t occur on its own – let’s better the world; spread love; let’s talk.

all we ever really want – is to feel accepted & comfortable

thats not too much to ask for, right?

i’m leaving you with a verse from the prayer by my babe cudi;

‘my heart thump not from being nervous
sometimes I’m thinking God made me special here on purpose
so all the while ’til I’m gone make my words important so
if I slip away, if I die today’

what if; you die today?

what if – you die tomorrow?

make your words memorable; sincere – at all times.

make amends with those you are not fond of; life isn’t worth all the negativity.

perhaps they’ll turn out different then you imagined.

peace & love kids

peace & love


3 thoughts on “i never gave a fuck; i mean i did – but like, fuck it.

  1. Of course, but truthfully, that song from the mixtape is the one song that I listen to every single day. I have that “I never gave a fuck, I mean I did, but fuck it, you know what I’m saying” attitude. Cudi in a few days =]

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