something borrowed; from yomissb

ran across another dope blog; once again – through @lukegk

this entry in particular caught my eye; READ IT


“I don’t truley know what these words mean. I say them, post pictures of them and write one lined text posts about them, but I really don’t know what they mean. I’m changing and growing and learing, but I think I might be going too slow. I want to know these things, but I’m afraid. I’m scared of growing up. Why grow up? Isn’t it a painful process? Doesn’t it kill your youth? or is it something beautiful, like a gradual transition in adulthood remiscent to that of a caterpillar becoming a buterfly? Over here I’m falling apart again. From a thing I call “love”. I think I love this person. She knows me so well, and says that I know her so well. She amazing. I think I love her, and we get along so well. I tell her everything, and I think she tells me everything. I don’t think I’ve ever hoped for anything, only wished for silly material things, and about hate. I’ve never hated anyone or anything. I also hope I never do. There are so many better things to do.”

i can’t put my finger on why, but this is one of the most sincere and insightful little writings that i’ve stumbled upon in a while. i haven’t been around my blog lately, and i’ve been battling myself about my site, but this was something i really wanted to share with my readers (o: i hope you find some solace in it too.


“a word; is just a word – until you mean what you say

and love isn’t love – until you give it away”

hate is a word which i very rarely use – i dislike it; it’s way too strong & negative

i don’t like that about it.

love & hope

i want both

i like the entry that missb reblogged & blogged about

stay warm; i hear its chilly outside


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