i am tom.

RED and South Street and crowded streets and NYPenn with beautiful weather & a day with my ladies; oh how much i needed this.

woke up at around 9 – watched some tv with my little one – asked pops to drop me off in mside – which he did – at 11am i was in bed with Gabriella – making fun of her – [BEAST] – anywho, with a phonecall to Katie – we were set on  the 1:49 train towards nypenn – the weather was gorgeous, perfect for a day out – the four of us – gab, kate, briana [katies sissssy] & i got dressed up and hopped on the train – which was packed; we were separated of course but by 2:30ish we had arrived.

all of us were hungry – which was no surprise.. i had been craving RED since the day before – therefore we took a cab down to south street seaport & enjoyed some tortilla chips, chicken burritos, gabs black bean soup – and the irish waiters accent – mmmmm

outside the restaurant we had a group of probably 20 men – dressed up on a stage – caroling! it was great; there was a whole large crowd of people listening, singing along, and taking pictures :]

gab had taken her nikon d50 and was snapping along; she took about 400 pics throughout the day – however i bet it will be a good week or two before i get ahold of them.. wack.

we went to the mall to see whats up however we didn’t buy much other than some personal goodies at victoria’s secret – katie got a shirt & i bought myself yet another hat – – but it’s SO cool – i’ll show pics as soon as i get them

anyway – after the city we came home, we went over to fabio’s in union, where he was with omar – briana went home and amanda met up with us [not my roommate; a friend from hs!]  & we snuggled & watched 500 days of summer – which is a great watch, it was depressing – but real. and that’s what i liked about it

anywho – it’s 12:34 on a monday & i’m showered and dressed, yet still in bed – i’m waiting for gab to get ready & then we’re heading out; we’re gna go do some shopping at forever21 – i’m excited :]

esther – we missed you <3 can’t wait till you’re back!

i’ll post pictures once i get them!

hope you’re all safe out there – have a great day


2 thoughts on “i am tom.

  1. Good to know someone’s enjoying the holidays! (which I haven’t been able to do yet – am quite ill :/ )

    when you said:
    “i bought myself yet another hat”

    sounds like you buy hats quite often. if so – we have a thing in common. =D

    • hahah well, the thing is – i almost never buy hats! i feel like i look awkward in them, however this year – i’ve come across a bunch that i actually like, so i just buy them all :x i bought four in december, i’m a freak – this i know. hhahaahah

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