cat’s pajamas

it is 9:15 on a monday night – i had my last final of the fall ’09 semester – i walked across campus for the last time in a long time – i will probably be at ccm tomorrow registering for a few bs classes to get some credits out of the way – and then – winter break begins. the original plan was that i was going to be babysitting my niece tomorrow, however plans change – therefore i will be cleaning the fucking hell out of my part of the house – aka prob guest room – closet – bathroom & my room – i’m def not touching my brothers closet or his room – [both our closets are actual rooms – mine is like 10×10 his is prob 6x12ish] anyway – tomorrow will be my christmas cleanup day – i will also go and get my nails done tomorrow :) aahh

my exam went well – i think. guess i’ll find out once i get my grade in the mail – i finished at about 1:50? then went to my roomies – and well, both of us were hungry – we wanted qdoba’s  -so we decided on short hills – we went to the mall, got a bunch of christmas gifts for some family members & friends & .. well we ate – obviously – it was fun – i miss her; and i’m so very thankful for having her as my roommate freshman year – we clicked since day one

me: “are you nervous?”

amanda: “ugh yeah.”

me: “why?”

haahahah i love you roomie <3 i’ve got my fingers crossed for us – hoping we both get through next semester, no matter where it takes us – and with luck – we’ll be living together next year :) tehe

about the boy – it is what it is – we’re friends i guess, not that we were anything other than friends to begin with, i like him a lot – he claims he likes me, apparently – i’ve been cats pajamas since day one; and i’m pretty sure he made that phrase up – but anyway, i’ve been in a good mood all day – he says he’s probably going to have weds off of work – therefore he will be seeing me – which would be great, but we’ll see what happens.

i just creeped on my best friend gabs tumblr : check out this deleted scene from the notebook -the last thirty seconds are fucking great.

so anyway – i think i’m actually going to go to sleep – my eyes are getting heavy

sleep tight kiddies <3

remember to always maintain your composure & pushers get pushed.


8 thoughts on “cat’s pajamas

  1. Ahh yes, the winter holidays have finally reached me too. today was the last day in school. incredibly happy because… I’m actually incredibly tired of this whole semester. A time off to sleep in is great to have!

    hopefully I wont have to do any Christmas cleaning, though, but I wish you luck with that. :p

    also i hope everything goes well with the guy. no… actually…. i’m SURE it’ll all go well. just keep up the optimistic spirit! :)

    cheers to everyone who are free from studies and into the holiday season, by the way! ^^

    • i’m so happy that school is over :)
      the cleaning is going by swiftly :)! i’m in shock myself tehe
      and well i’m sure i’ll keep everyone posted about what happens with the boy;
      i’m doing my best to be optimistic :)
      hope you’re doing well!

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