christmas miracle; borrowed.

part of an entry i took from cindy holman


My daughter works at Starbucks.  During the holidays it is tradition in the drive-thru to “pay it forward” – meaning you surprise the people in the car behind you by asking the person at the window what their total is – and PAY IT for them!  When they pull up – they are AMAZED and humbled at the Christmas spirit being shown to them – and they (usually) pay for the next person – and so on.  Ashlee has told us that this has gone on – if no one breaks the chain – for 25 cars or more some days!!  Isn’t that great?  One person blessing another and passing it on.

i’m so totally doing that – any possible time i can.


oh and ps; i’m in a good mood – my head is cleared out, i’m ready for new and fresh things – i’m not letting go of anything that’s good, i’m keeping it – in my pocket, for now –

i’m breathing. i’m me.

i’m happy.

today at least hahahaahahahah


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