hey now

i feel like i haven’t told you about a bunch of stuff – i guess its because i’ve been telling those around me. but i mean – everything is really really good.

i can’t get that enrique&ciara song out of my head

finals are here, officially – they start tomorrow, me – being a dumbass, well, i volunteered to work today, i mean – not really, but mommadukes asked me if i’m doing anything today, and i said no – because i don’t have classes, but instead of thinking about how much studying i should be doing – i said, ‘okay, i’ll work’.. i mean – at least i’ll make money, i know i will – we’ve got a lot of people coming in today. so that’s whatever

about the boy, well – everything is really good, we’re hanging out on wednesday – and it’s about fucking time, pardon my rough language – it’s just frustrating when i can’t see him, for whatever reason he’s all i thought he would be and more – always says the right things – always makes me smile – it’s good, i don’t think i’ve ever had a boy have this affect on me – and i’ve dated a whole lot of them

i’m curious as to whats going to happen with this one – i want to get to know him so much more – and i’m sure i will – if i’m supposed to, time will tell

.. right now - anyway


2 thoughts on “hey now

  1. That’s awesome you met a cool guy. You sound like I did when I met my fiance. Only I – was a little too “overjoyed” and rushed into things, which made it complicated in the beginning because no matter how into you the guy is or how cool he is, guys operate totally different in how they react to situations. But you are right, time will tell. I’m happy for you;-p

    • AW YAY :) thankks; i mean, it’s nothing serious right now, just a crush ;p but i’m really into him, he makes me happy – so i’m hoping things will just get better and better, if thats possible ;p haha i’m taking things slow – we’re taking things slow. we’ll see what happens :)

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